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August 8, 2017 by arteriors
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Daphne Nielsen of Vancouver’s Once a Tree Furniture showroom has a unique approach to High Point Market. She takes a different designer with her to market every season, saying she “always loves to see the market through the eyes of the designer.”


                “The highlight of the trip is going to the Arteriors showroom, you really don’t get to see a collection like that anywhere but High Point Market. I loved the space so much, I thought, ‘Why don’t we try to do this in Vancouver?'”

While Nielsen has always brought designers to Market, with Arteriors and the new pop-up space, she brought Market to designers – all in a stunning setting within her 15,000-square foot showroom.

  “I wanted to bring that High Point experience to the designers who maybe haven’t had the chance to see it in-person,” the Once a Tree owner said. “The pop-up space has allowed people to see the Arteriors catalog as a collection, instead of one-off designs or products. Once a Tree visitors took in the curated Arteriors aesthetic with vigor – specifically falling in love with the sconces of all shapes and sizes and the luxurious Christophe sofa and bench.  

“The space has been so great for the brand recognition,” Nielsen tells Arteriors. “It’s been fabulous for the designers here in Vancouver to see all the pieces work together and play off of one another.” The pop-up will be open until September, with new pieces being continuously brought in. Neilson encourages others to follow in her pop-up-shop footsteps: “I think it’s a great idea for other retailers.”


  Featured Clients, News