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Art is in the Details: Channels & Tufting

August 10, 2016 by arteriors

"You know the feeling: You step inside a chic hotel and instantly transform into a more sophisticated version of yourself. Channel tufting makes us feel that way." - MyDomaine

The channels and tufting found throughout the Arteriors Upholstery collection help bring these classic techniques and old-world luxury language into the modern age.

These practices have century-old roots in decadent, luxe style.



Starting the in 18th Century, there began a shift in the idea in the idea of furniture's functionality. No more was furniture and upholstery limited to an uncomfortable, primarily visual role.

The late 1700s marked the genesis of the sofa - with new shapes and fabrics becoming increasingly popular. Along with these new forms, comfort started to become a point of great emphasis.


As offerings and styles grew, so too did new techniques like channels and tufting.

The techniques grew in popularity as their unique textures inspired warmth and tactility - inviting comfort while still exuding a unique level of elegance.




The type of tufting found on the Marley in particular did not emerge until the late 19th Century, when the growing middle class longed for furniture that was both comfortable and ostentatious.

Today, designs like the Marley, Rupert, Vernon, Christophe Sofa and Christophe Bench beautifully toe the line between form and function.

The dramatic curves in the channels of the Christophe transport you to another era, one defined by classic luxury, long lunches and a designated cocktail hour. The Christophe's metal ferrules on each leg create a bold complement to the channels' understated shadow play.

Regal, but not stuffy, the Marley perfectly combines deep, elegant tufting and soft curves to create a modern, but vintage-inspired piece that invites all to "take a seat".



To contrast the Marley, the Rupert offers up a more simple tufted design. The large-scale sofa achieves a blissful marriage between both style and comfort, with its tufts creating visual interest and dimension.

A singular, full-length channel highlight the streamlined design of he Vernon. A classic design with a twist, this stylish settee features an elegant, sophisticated silhouette, with brass castors giving it an unexpected, industrial spin.

With their unique textures and subtle beauty, it's no wonder that hundreds of years later these practices remain en vogue in upholstery, still exuding the same qualities and characteristics that made them so popular in the first lace.

"From leather to velvet, neutral to bright, channel tufts evoke Old Hollywood luxury - and the right mix of color, fabric and decor can give them a modern twist."

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