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Fierce, but Familiar: Barry Dixon's Fourth Collection for Arteriors

October 15, 2015 by arteriors


“I truly believe that creativity is constant.”

Barry Dixon is a firm believer in the never-ending cycle of creation and the creative process.

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'Original' thoughts are a part of the larger aesthetic evolutionary cycle - inspired by elements in nature and their effect on the creative process of mankind throughout history. Design is never a singular, standalone thing. Ideas, concepts and inspirations are all layered upon one another and evolved over time.


The chrysalis housing the caterpillar during the transformation can be found hanging from trees or buildings, protecting it, keeping it safe. The Chrysalis Sconce, cast in solid brass, is a tribute to that marvel of nature – evoking wonder and curiosity as you wait for new life to emerge from its casing.


Inspired by this continuum of creation and the creative process, Dixon’s fourth collection for Arteriors combines fierce, but warmly-familiar elements from nature and history – with fingerprints of inspiration from the recent Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition seen throughout.

Barry's personal favorite from the new collection, the Aramis Sconce is avant garde, commanding and totally unique. Barry was inspired by McQueen's ponytailed models with face masks, and this evolving into the "couture for the home".


“Similar to [McQueen’s] designs, this collection shows the aggressive side of nature. This collection is darker than my past three collections for Arteriors, yet still versatile combining many styles and eras for a beautiful product.”

Dixon looked to 17th and 18th century armor and combined that influence with nature, its horns, talons, scales and shells.

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Passive or aggressive. Offensive or defensive. As Dixon meticulously combs the world's continuum of ornament and adornment, his latest offerings draw inspiration from nature's inspiring dichotomy of eloquent functionality, curating a modern collection of organic abstraction meant to protect the vulnerable and intimidate the threatening.

Influenced heavily by antique, late 18th century fencing masks, the Touché pieces hearken back to the collection’s theme of protection. Influenced heavily by antique, late 18th century fencing masks, the Touché pieces harken back to the collection’s theme of protection.


Whipping tails and armored plates, camouflage and cocoons, tusks and talons...all influence these latest works.

Antique brass, hammered iron, smoked glass and a layering of textures combine to create a collection that is gothic and edgy, yet warmly familiar...evoking a sense of cloistered protection, quiet defense and home as sanctuary.


SpikedMirror The Spiked Round Mirror is a clear reference to fierce, gothic glamour. Barry saw spikes and thorns not only as a method of protection, but as a potential weapon as well - think rose bushes or porcupines.


The 31 piece assortment of lighting, mirrors and accessories features a mixture of bronze, burned iron and brass mediums with irregular edges, ridges and textures to reflect a strong, protective beauty – adding a classic, but curious layer to any space.

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  Barry Dixon, Guest Designers, High Point Market, News