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Brilliant Bedrooms

January 21, 2020 by arteriors

From clean and minimal to bold and vibrant, the bedroom is a deeply personal space that should reflect its inhabitants' unique vision for living. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite bedroom designs and while they all represent separate design viewpoints, one thing is clear—they’re absolutely dreamy!

Hathoway Chandelier-1

  Our Hathoway Chandelier is a halo of lighting perfection in this calming yet chic bedroom retreat by Studio Ness


table lamps

The bedside vignette is the perfect place to get playful. Choose lighting that's unpredictable and personal to the homeowner.   


Layered in seamlessly, Monica Fried Design reimagines bedside lighting and effortlessly creates a well-balanced space by complementing statement and accent pieces with a streamlined and highly functional pair our Nox Sconces.


      candid-18018584902005513 table lamp-1

Sultry and saturated, these monochromic bedrooms embody simple, impactful design. 

Pictured left: Arteriors Ferris Lamp pairs nicely with its acrylic companion // Design by  Donna Mondi Interior Design | Pictured right: Loving Alexis Pew' 's sleek use of our Narsi Lamp by 📸Kyle Born


bold bedside companions



The Chandelier is a natural pièce de résistance in any bedroom. It sets the tone and anchors the other design elements.


Casual elegance, personified. Loving our Diallo Chandelier in this dreamy retreat, adding layers of charm, sophistication and eclectic flair // 📸+ Design by Noble Hampton


       candid-17963839777002943  candid-17959646296069345

Ebony meets Ivory creating a beautiful contrast. From moody and demure to light and airy, these richly layered bedrooms showcase the spectrum of lighting design. 

Pictured left: BNR Interiors brilliantly features our Tilda Chandelier |Pictured right: Featuring our Hardy Chandelier, designer House of Jade Interiors shows the softer side of industrial design.


awe-inspiring chandeliers



wall décor

Mirrors and plaques are a nice alternative to traditional wall art and are much more transitional over time. 


We can't get enough of the feminine details Jessica Bennett layered in this stunning retreat in Utah Valley. From the blush tones and classical artwork to the antiqued mirror and elegant drink table, it's the ultimate salon for any well-heeled sophisticate.

       candid-17934783457233298  candid-17977534018257473[1]

From unique shapes to layered details, the small design touches masterfully transform a room. Loving the decorative accents featured in these luxe retreats.

Pictured left: Pairing well with the Zanadoo Chandelier, our Baldwin Mirror adds depth and color to this chic bedroom design by Leighanne LaMarre Interiors | Pictured right: BHDM Design layers in our Lianna Mirror — creating edge and dimension.


whimsical wall art 

DD2004.d1 473046164728



Not only do hanging pieces add instant sophistication, they free up the nightstand for personal treasures and mementos.


This show-stopping wall covering is the true star in this dynamic master bedroom designed by Tineke Triggs.      A pair of Osgood Pendants are elegant sidekicks, hanging beautifully like teardrop earrings.

candid-17853491509448411  candid-17995480084185886

From unique shapes to layered details, the small design touches masterfully transform a room transform. Loving the decorative accents featured in these luxe retreats.

Pictured left: The Rezzo Pendant nests perfectly in this Bohemian bedroom design by Patrick Maziarski | Pictured right: Our Savoy Pendant shines brightly in this transitional respite by Arizona Designer, Living with Lolo



pendants to pine after





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