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Our Guest Designers are serving up tips and sharing traditions from their Thanksgiving tables

November 13, 2015 by arteriors
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Ah, Thanksgiving. That magical time where family and friends gather together for an 8,000 calorie meal and countless beverages. Whether your covey resembles a Norman Rockwell picture or is more “Modern Family”, whether you’re eating in the dining room by candlelight or eating outside around a picnic table, it's all about sharing a great meal and spending time with those you love. 

To our Guest Designers who always strive to create beautiful things and to our customers who work tirelessly to bring our pieces to life , we raise our glasses in toast and wish you all the happiest of holidays with your family and friends.




Windsor: One year I hosted a large gathering and was so proud of the turkey that when I lowered the platter to show everyone it slid off the platter and across the floor! you think that is where the name "butterball" came from?

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Barry: My first year out of college and in D.C. with friends, I cooked, or rather undercooked my turkey...and sent two people to the hospital.

Jay: Our first year in our house in the Napa Valley, pre re-model, our oven was the original oven from 1962. It kept perfect temperature but was pretty small. The turkey didn't fit! We were very thankful for friendly neighbors that year!

Laura: Ordering a 10 pound organic turkey for the day of thanksgiving and instead receiving a 10 Kilo (30lb) frozen one that still had feathers! (We had roasted chicken that year.)


Barry: Oh, we cook!

Jay: We typically cook and/or go to someone else’s place. This year we are going to a friend’s house. I'm bringing my staple roasted Brussel sprouts with truffle oil and parmesan.

Laura: Cook! I love the creative aspect of it.

Windsor: We hold an annual tennis and turkey tournament–it’s Wimbledon meets The Royal Tenenbaums! We cook!



Barry: Fresh eggs from our hens and homemade jams and preserves, made with the fruits of the garden. Or honey from our hives!

Jay: We will be at our house in the Napa Valley. Since everyone brings wine to the host (which isn't a bad thing, don't get me wrong), we usually bring a favorite scented candle or a fun book.

Laura: A great Pino Noir and flowers.

Windsor: Anything from Turpan in Brentwood.



Laura: Grilled, with fresh rosemary and butter—best turkey you'll ever have.

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Barry: Brined and roasted in the oven...with love!

Jay: Best turkey I ever had was brined.

Windsor: Brined, basted and bagged!



Barry: Dressing, of course.

Jay: Dressing in my house!

Laura: Stuffing.

Windsor: If wine is served then "dressing" if bourbon it’s "stuffing"!



Barry: Succulent turkey, roasted with whiskey and apples (Will makes the best), my grandmother's southern cornbread/pecan dressing, Ruth's caramelized/sautéed Brussel sprouts, and of course homemade pies! Buttered bourbon pecan and ginger pumpkin with crème fraiche.

Jay: When we do cook, it's turkey, dressing, gravy, Michael's famous fennel and potato gratin, Jay's roasted Brussel sprouts, and green beans. And we will ask guests to bring a dish or if they don't cook then the bread or the wine.

Laura: My mother’s recipe for stuffing and cranberry. Roasted beets and parsnips, and Brussel sprouts with garlic.

Windsor: The standard issue...sweet potatoes, garlic mashed and harvest vegetables, stuffing and fresh cranberry relish.



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Jay: I'm eternally grateful for the exciting, creative, interesting friends and family in my life. Life would be so boring without them.

Barry: The wonderful people in my life.

Laura: My health and my family.

Windsor: That I have such an amazing family and that we have all managed to find a way to work and play together!



Barry: The cornbread dressing...we make enough to last for days!

Jay: Dinner roll, turkey, stuffing and gravy. Heat it up. Glass of Pinot. Yum!

Laura: Turkey tacos.

Windsor: Stuffing and cranberry relish.



Barry: Breast...definitely...

Jay: Breast.

Laura: White meat, please!

Windsor: Both!




Barry: Eat, drink, and be merry...and eat again. Be thankful for all who surround you, including those no longer at the table, who surround you still.

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Jay: I look at Thanksgiving as the less formal holiday. It's a time to be grateful, eat, drink, relax and recharge for the crazy holiday season that is about to slap you in the face! Enjoy it. Set the table ahead of time, plan your meal, shop two days before instead of the day of. And most importantly, drink while you cook!

Laura: Remember...everything in moderation, with naps in-between!

Windsor: We have found that games and a little competition are a great complement to a day of grazing! That's why we break out the rackets and the Pimms and dress up— it is always a happy and memorable occasion!

We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at Arteriors!

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