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Featured Contract Design Project: Venus Williams' V Starr Interiors

February 10, 2017 by arteriors
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Earlier this year, Arteriors was approached by VStarr Interiors with an opportunity to provide several pieces and designs to V Starr for their forthcoming Design On A Dime Miami vignette.


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V Starr, a group founded by tennis superstar Venus Williams, specializes in both commercial and residential interior design – counting several notable hotels and public spaces as their clients. The firm is familiar with Arteriors, utilizing several in-stock pieces in their work, so incorporating the brand into V Starr’s Design On A Dime space only made sense.

A long-time proponent of charity and giving back through design, Arteriors happily obliged – donating several pieces, from the iconic Zanadoo Chandelier to the Ecko Wall Sculpture. The end result was beyond spectacular – an eloquent and well-executed marriage between vibrant energy and modern cool.

Arteriors spoke with V Starr to better understand the inspiration behind the vignette and what draws the firm to Arteriors' contract design services...

Can you tell us a little about V Starr Interiors for the blog post introduction: leadership, project focus, aesthetic, upcoming initiatives?

"V Starr Interiors was founded in 2002 by professional tennis player Venus Williams. Combining Williams' value for excellence as an athlete with her passion for design, V Starr Interiors by Venus Williams is a full-service commercial and residential interior design firm. Since it's creation, high-profile clients such as Intercontinental Hotels, Chicago Midtown Athletic Club, and Howard University, among others, have turned to V Starr Interiors to successfully translate their vision into reality. The company is based in West Palm Beach, Florida."


Can you share the inspiration behind your Design on a Dime vignette?

"For our vignette at Design On A Dime Miami, we wanted to create an eye-catching space that reflects our design versatility at V Starr Interiors.  In doing so, we came up with the concept of 'Split Personalities'/'Mirror Images'.  As one side packs full of energy with lively orange and fuchsia tones, the counterpart cools things down with teals and blues.

Our intent was to select items that complemented each other.  As we chose an organic, funky chair in a neutral grey for one side, we chose a vibrantly colored, clean lined chair for the other.  In keeping with our fluidity in design, we blended styles throughout the two halves as you can see with the mix of modern and contemporary furniture and fixtures.  As is often the case in the mind of a designer, two separate thoughts can make for a much more interesting whole."[/vc_column_text][thb_gap height="30"][vc_column_text]

Click below to see how Venus and VStarr have used Arteriors' stock products in their stunning commercial projects

What are your favorite elements of the space?

"We love everything about our vignette, however if we had to pick one item, it would be the Zanadoo Small Chandeliers from Arteriors. They make a statement and add an extra punch that helps unify the space."

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How did Arteriors fit in with the style you were looking to achieve?

"Arteriors products are both elegant and fun which is exactly the design style we were going for with our 'split personalities' theme."How have you worked with Arteriors product before, and what do you like about working with the product for both commercial and residential projects?

"We specify Arteriors product on almost every project, both commercial and residential. What we love about the Arteriors product is that they have something for every style and all is very timeless."

You’ve done some great luxury real estate development projects – what would you say is the V Starr approach to designing for a developer?

"Designing for a developer includes research on location and demographics to be sure to attract local people, and we also use the influence of the area to help establish the design aesthetic.  We like to blend our fun, energetic, elegant and timeless style with local culture to achieve the best possible solution.

We also incorporate elements from the hospitality world, since affluent individuals travel and experience so much of life from a hotel…We see boutique and luxury hospitality as aspirational and setting lifestyle standards. Our multi-housing work is focused on creating beautiful, communal environments that recreate some of those experiences at home."

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